Club Boats

The club owns a number of boats which members may hire for a nominal fee:

Topper — 4 available 
Small 1 person dinghy, ideal for older children and adults with less experience. 
Fee £8.00
Feva — 1 available 
Small 2 person, 2 – 3 sail dinghy ideal for either 2 children or a child and parent. 
Fee £10.00
Laser — 2 available
Larger 1 person dinghy with both standard and radial or 4.7mtr rigs. More suited to experienced sailors. 
Fee £8.00
Laser 2000 — 2 available
2 person, 2 – 3 sail dinghy. A very controllable boat with reefing to reduce sail area making it suitable for less experienced sailors. 
Fee £15.00
Dart 16 — 2 available
 2 – 3 person, 3 sail catamaran. With 2 sails in light winds a good stable platform for less experienced sailors. In stronger winds and with 3 sails an exciting sail for those with more experience. Has a trapeze option. 
Fee £15.00
Hartley – 12/12.2   – 2 available 
Larger 1-2 person, 2-3 sail dinghy for either 2 children or child and parent. Very stable, suitable for beginners, intermediate adult or youth.
Fee £10:00

Detailed information on the booking and use of the Club Boats can be found in the Club Entrance Hall. However, please note the bullet points below:

  • Club boats can only be launched with authority from a member of the Club Sailing or Training Committee.
  • Club boats may only be used by Members who have completed and signed an official booking form copies of which are located on the notice board in the club entrance hall.
  • Club boats may only be hired when a club safety boat is on the water and can only be used within the club sailing area.
  • Members should only take out club boats during weather conditions applicable/suitable for their sailing ability.
  • Club boats are hired entirely at the sailor’s own risk and Downs SC accepts no responsibility for injuries or accidents to users.
  • Any damage/breakages MUST be reported as soon as possible on returning to shore and, if deemed to be due to misuse, the member may be asked to contribute to any repair and/or replacement costs.
  • Please look after club boats as though they were your own property. Ask for help when launching and returning to the beach. Do not drag the boats across shingle or let the sails flog on the beach.
  • Hire fees should be put in the container behind the Bar, either before going afloat or as soon as you return to shore.