Club House Booking

Download a copy of the Club House Booking form by clicking this link

Download a copy of the Club House Booking Conditions by clicking this link

Club House booking form

1. The clubhouse may be hired by adult members only. They must have been a member for at least 12 months prior to the proposed date of hire.

2. The following charges apply: £10 per hour (minimum 4 hours) if more than 50% of those attending are club members, this fee will be reduced by 50%.

3. Application for hire must be made with a deposit of £40.The balance of the hire fee if applicable is to be paid 14 days before the event

4. Unless special arrangements have been made the hirer is expected to wash up and put away all glasses, crockery and cutlery and to leave the club in a clean and tidy state; remove all equipment and decorations brought into the club for the function; dispose of all rubbish; turn off the hot water heaters and electrical equipment. If this is not undertaken the Hirer will be charged an appropriate additional sum. NB If the Club’s wheelie bin is full the hirer must remove their rubbish from the Club site for disposal elsewhere.

5. The Hirer is liable for all damage to club equipment, furnishings and other property (including cleaning costs where necessary) caused during the period of the hire by any person.

6. Only Full Adult Club Members are allowed behind the bar.

7. The Hirer will comply with the terms of the Club’s liquor licence. Only alcohol purchased at the club bar can be consumed on the premises. Sales may only be to adult members or temporary members of the club within the normal licensing hours, i.e. no later than 11.00pm on weekdays and Saturdays and 10.30pm on Sundays.

However, it is appreciated the Hirer may wish, on certain special occasions e.g. a wedding reception, to supply their own still wine or champagne. This will only be permitted when agreed in advance with the Executive Committee. The wine must be supplied free of charge to guests and not served over the bar, but placed on the tables. A corkage fee of £2 per bottle [75cl] will apply and must be paid to the Club Treasurer no later than seven days after the function. Any other drink must be purchased from the bar.

8. No nails, screws or other fixings shall be driven into any walls, floors, furnishings or other parts of the premises.

9. The number of persons using the premises shall not exceed the number notified in advance to the secretary. The maximum number permitted to use the Club is 100.

10. The Club expressly disclaim all liability for any injury, loss or damage suffered by any person using the club premises including any such arising through any defect in the premises or any fixtures and fittings.

11. The Hirer and his guests must vacate the premises by midnight.

12. The Hirer will leave the premises secure and the alarm properly set.

13. Breach of any of the above conditions may result in membership of the club being withdrawn or future bookings being refused.

14. Booking procedure:

14.1. Contact Booking Secretary to check eligibility and club house availability.

14.2. Send booking form to Booking Secretary by email or post. Send or give a copy of the form with a £40 cheque to the Commodore or any other member of the Executive Committee to be presented at the next Executive Committee meeting (always held the second Wednesday of the month except there is no meeting in August).

14.3. Any additional hire fee and corkage are to be paid( no later than seven days after the event) to the Club Treasurer or left behind bar with a note clearly stating the event details, additional hours to be paid and the number of bottles(corkage) consumed. It is accepted this information may not be known until after the event.