Bake Off & Supper

Bake Off & Supper

Posted by Tim Waite in 14 Apr 2019
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2019-10-31 18:00 - 23:00

The Downs very own 'Bake Off' for men. Come and celebrate the start of the Winter Series by enjoying a meat pie meal cooked by the men of the Club.  Club members, former Club members and friends who couldn't make the 70th Anniversary Party in September are especially welcome to come along.  7.00 pm for 7.30 pm, pies must be delivered at 6.30 pm. Rules of entry;

1. The pie must be a proper one i.e. with a bottom!
2. Size no larger than a 8” pie dish ( round or square)
3. Must be a savory pie… a pork pie is acceptable
4. Men only entry i.e. men must cook and prepare it themselves
5. Prepare and cook at home and bring to the Club at 6.30 on the day so it can be reheated
6. Vegetables will be provided to accompany the pies
7. Entry to the Bake Off is free

Vegetables will be provided by the House Committee.

There is a small charge of £5 for the meal. Free meal to those entering (an edible pie) in the competition.The bar will be open but the drinks wont be free!

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