The Application Process

Download Membership Application form for 2021 here

Download Membership Renewal Form here

Download 2021 Membership Info Sheet here


We welcome applications from families, couples and individuals. However before you start filling out forms come down to the Club when there is sailing organised. This is on, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evenings May to August  or Sunday mornings April to December to see what is going on  and meet some of the members. Then complete the application form, sign it, and send it to the Membership Secretary. Your application will be submitted to the Executive Committee, which meets monthly, for approval.

2021 Membership Fees

Breakdown of Fees for Membership & Boat Packages

MembershipBefore 31.01.21After 31.01.21
Full (Single)£74£84
Second Club (Full)£43£48
Second Club (Family)£64£70
Boat PackagesAdult FeeCadet/
Student Fee
Boat Plot Package£50£35
Recreational Sailing Equipment Package£65£40
Club Racing Equipment Package£50£35
Kayak Plot£20£20

*Subscriptions are payable on election and on 1st January each subsequent year

*Subscriptions paid before the 31st January are subject to an ‘early payment’ discount. Please refer to the Membership Renewal form for details.