The singlehander open meeting had the most delicious NE winds and sun and on the training Saturday, there were even gusts of F5 for a short while and some tricky landings but the more careful had already retired after lunch. 

The Sunday had a slight decrease in wind but it was constant in over 5 hours of racing . The stats read  33 boats, including 13 in the Topper fleet, 12 in the mixed , and 8 Streakers with just two visitors. The Toppers had 12 youngsters all from different clubs with one sole representative from Downs ….. wait for it, Julia Blackman who achieved an honourable placing in the results!

The Toppers seemed to have the most fun and were even at the Bank Buoy for one training session and the Open was won by James Crossley from Datchet. The mixed fleet was won by Chris Shelton but there were first of the year outings for Ken Davis Aero 7, Richard White Solo and Max Taylor Nobbs Radial.

I believe the boat trade-in brigade might well start looking at Neil Gibson’s Solution which seems to do well in the conditions at the club.

The Streakers saw Simon Cory win all 4 races which was tricky to choose a discard and all of this in Roger’s boat. After the light hearted tuition of the previous day this was serious race face stuff, the only blip being his arrival on shore under the boat-don’t worry Roger l rescued the boat. Jo and Rosie fought it out at the less professional, more glamourous end but, after some confusion results were even. ‘Drone Man’ was on hand to capture all the action from two days .

The vast infrastructure on shore included: chefs, life coaches, bridge crew, shore parties and the curious who all took the opportunity to sunbathe out of the chill wind on the sunny side of the club. In between clearing mould off sausages and topping up one’s tan, there was a constant flow of different cakes.

I overheard one of the Streaker visitors say that ‘the sailing was fantastic’ and surely it was the best place to be.

As l was up to my neck all day l believe the water temp was warmer than the air but, after all these years, it was the first time l have walked into the winch wire and l have two neat grooves in my shins -but it is an honour, for the wires are such shiny new affairs these days.

Tuesday the 14th was probably cancelled and the 16th was definitely off with horrific NE gusts.