Spring points 7 the 21st April saw the largest fleet of the year so far with 16 boats, 9 classes, 5 Streakers, but still only one 400. It was the usual Easterly of course and enough wind to keep people busy and it even picked up for the second race. There was even one capsize of a Streaker. Chris Shelton was 1st Simon and Denise 2nd. This would be reversed in spring 8 , but worryingly for Simon and Denise there is the Mumford family in the 200 knocking on the door and getting two 3rds.

Nigel Cureton was out in a Phantom, Alan Mollatt was out in a Contender with a crash hat from Ebay which his wife said was 3 sizes too small and he is beginning to look like a Henry Moore sculpture. There was a welcome return for Rosie after breaking her wrist last August, but her hand is still swollen. There were mutterings amongst the other singlehanders about whether this gave her an unfair advantage physically, the sort of arguments that surround trans-gender atheletes. But the results seemed to scupper these fears. Talking of fear the most exciting event of the day happened to Rosie when a black dorsal fin circled her boat ! Resident wildlife expert Kevin said there has been a lot of porpoises in the channel lately, with one found dead at Kingsdown the other day; this one from the description sounds like the harmless Hedge porpoise which mainly feeds on berries and was obviously fascinated by such a slow moving object. (Ed did point out that one blow from that giant hand and it would soon swim off anyway ).

 The Easter egg race on the bank holiday was a shock start  with zero wind. The race was delayed till 11 and a reluctant fleet stood on the beach but after a Henry the 5th type speech from Simon Cory it got everyone going when some were about to drift off home. Boats did get around slowly except Jeremy in the Solo and Phil Peach and daughter in the club Feva. Ian Sheppard’s sledge collapsed despite working on it all winter, there were mumblings about too much cheese in the paninis, Stuart had a tee shirt on which said ‘please don’t laugh at Ipswich’ but he was the first Aero to go out this year. Eric and Katharine were clearly moving the best in the Hornet from the shore and won easily in the hot sun.